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Horsehead Nebula with a modified Canon 100D

Night Photography February 29, 2016 Syed Zaidi
Feb 2016

Finally after about 2 weeks a clear night so I took all my setup out and started imaging the Horsehead Nebula. All my equipment attaches to a pc so everything is mostly automated and was working fine then after about an hour it started to become hazy so couldn’t continue. I was only able to capture 40 mins of data, so I thought I would just process that and see how it goes. The final image turned relatively ok for the amount of data I had.

The equipment I use:

Celestron AVX mount
Skywatcher 130PDS
Skywatcher 0.9X coma corrector
IDAS D1 filter
Modified Canon 100D
11″ laptop
Pixinsight for processing
QHY5L-II guider
50mm Orion guide scope

Horsehead Nebula from UK

Astrophotography: Orion Nebula M42 with Skywatcher 130pds and Celestron AVX mount

Night Photography January 11, 2016 Syed Zaidi
Jan 2016

Recently I got a new telescope Skywatcher 130pds and the mount is Celestron Advanced VX which supports a payload of up to 14KG. For astrophotography the mount is the most important thing in a telescope setup. For deep sky objects you need long exposures and for that your mount has to be rock solid and not only that it should track well without vibrations. The second important thing is of course the tube itself but that has to have fast optics and a good focuser.

Anyway, for deep sky objects you actually need shorter focal lengths something like 400mm to 750mm, any higher then that and you are asking for tracking issues.

Last night was partly clear so I took my telescope out and got some shots, this is one of them. Orion nebula is relatively easier to photograph and looks great too.

Orion Nebula shot with Skywatcher 130PDS

Milky Way over the Church in the sea, Anglesey, North Wales with Nikon D810

Night Photography November 29, 2014 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2014

Last night the sky was clear so I went to the Church in the sea. It’s one of the dark sky places in Anglesey and I was able to see the whole milky way from one side to the other.  Also lots of other star systems were visible. I also captured the Andromeda Galaxy in one of the photos.

Also this place is just awesome for sunset photography with rocks and waves in the foreground and the church in the background.

Milky way over the Church in the sea with Nikon D810 and 14-24mm f2.8 lens.

Andromeda Galaxy visible in this Milky Way shot from North Wales

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