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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review in 4K

Reviews November 21, 2016 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2016

Hey guys this is just my quick review of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Have been using it for about 7 days now so I thought I would just show you what I like and dislike about the watch.

PS4 Pro Unboxing UK

Reviews November 13, 2016 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2016

Just received my PS4 pro from Amazon, great service I must say, got it on the launch day. Anyway, here is just a quick unboxing video I made using my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge so the audio is not that great.

iMac SKYLAKE (late 2015) SSD tests

Reviews November 26, 2015 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2015

I got my new iMac late 2015 SKYLAKE i7 m395x 256GB SSD and after about a month of using it I must admit I absolutely love it, the speed is great. The SSD in 2015 model is 2.5 times faster than the 2014 5K model and that alone makes a huge difference in performance.

I use this iMac to process photos in Photoshop, LR, Premiere Pro and iMovie so speed is very important.

Here’s a quick video I made to show the speed of the SSD.

Panasonic G7 Low Light Test

Reviews November 20, 2015 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2015

I recently got my hands on a micro four third camera and I’ve been using full frame cameras for some years now and wasn’t expecting much from this m43 Panasonic G7. But I am very impressed by the quality of photos and 4K videos it produces. I’ll do some in-depth reviews in coming days so keep checking this blog out for more videos.