Horsehead Nebula with a modified Canon 100D

Night Photography February 29, 2016 Syed Zaidi
Feb 2016

Finally after about 2 weeks a clear night so I took all my setup out and started imaging the Horsehead Nebula. All my equipment attaches to a pc so everything is mostly automated and was working fine then after about an hour it started to become hazy so couldn’t continue. I was only able to capture 40 mins of data, so I thought I would just process that and see how it goes. The final image turned relatively ok for the amount of data I had.

The equipment I use:

Celestron AVX mount
Skywatcher 130PDS
Skywatcher 0.9X coma corrector
IDAS D1 filter
Modified Canon 100D
11″ laptop
Pixinsight for processing
QHY5L-II guider
50mm Orion guide scope

Horsehead Nebula from UK

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