Milky Way Holyhead, North Wales with D810

Night Photography November 16, 2014 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2014

Did some more night photography at South Stack, Holyhead. Direction of the milky way has changed since last time I went to this place. Now its more towards lights so I guess I’ll have to find a new location for this kind of work.

Milky Way shot with d810 plus 14-24 2.8 lens

Nikon D810 with 85mm 1.4G bokeh test

People November 7, 2014 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2014

I sold my 5D mark III earlier this year mainly because I got tired of fixing underexposed images, it was hard to bring out the details in shadows and most of my landscapes are shot either early morning or around sunset time so the light is always low, anyway 5D Mark III is just not the camera to use in 2014. So I decided to go for either the Sony A7S or Nikon D810, in the end I went for Nikon.

Switching from Canon meant I had to replace all my gear so I sold my Canon L glass and bought a couple of Nikon professional lenses, one of them is the famous 85 1.4G. I took the kids out to test the bokeh and sharpness, here are some of the sample shots at f1.4.

D810 with 85mm 1.4G

D810 with 85mm 1.4G bokeh

D810 with 85mm 1.4G


Holyhead Milky Way shot, Anglesey dark sky

Night Photography October 13, 2014 Syed Zaidi
Oct 2014

Shot this at South Stack, Holyhead on 12th October. The sky around here is dark enough that you could see actually see the milky way with the naked eye. The weather forecast said it would be cloudy with possiblity of rain but they did mention 2 hrs of clear sky, so I took my chances and went there luckily it was all clear and visiblity was great.

Milky Way, South Stack, Holyhead, D810

Alton Towers Fireworks 2013

Night Photography November 11, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Nov 2013

Alton Towers Fireworks 2013

I heard a lot of people saying really great things about the Alton Towers end of year fireworks. I was never able to visit the place in November but this year I planned ahead and bought the tickets early and finally was able to go there. At 7:00pm the fireworks started and I must say that was one of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. I was able to capture some photos, I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from the action. Here’s one of those shots.

Light Painting At Llanddwyn Island

Night Photography September 24, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Sep 2013

Light Paiting At Llanddwyn Island, North Wales

I went to the island to get some sunset photos, the whole day it was partly cloudy but I took a chance and went there anyway. Unfortunately the clouds came and covered the sun for the whole golden hour. But I didn’t want to waste my day so I stayed there long after the sunset and started doing my experiments with light painting and got some shots.

Capel Curig HDR with 5D Mark III and 17-40L

North Wales September 6, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Sep 2013

Capel Curig HDR with 5D Mark III

Capel Curig is one of the most beautiful lakes in Snowdonia. Shot this photo just before the sunset, because there wasn’t enough light so had to shoot it in HDR. Got some really nice ones that day but had a bad insect bite reaction all over my body. There were millions of tiny bugs around those flowers, I think they took me as a food source.

Playing With Fire!

Night Photography September 5, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Sep 2013

Playing with fire

After a long time I decided to do some night photography and what else is more fun than using the steel wool. The hut in the background is an old boat house at Llanddwyn Island. This is one of my favorite places in North Wales.

Llynnau Mymbyr HDR, Snowdonia, North Wales

North Wales September 4, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Sep 2013

Sunset HDR at Llynnau Mymbyr

I went to Snowdonia National Park today to shoot some landscapes. Weather was great so I wanted to get some sunset shots. After spending about an hour looking for the right spot, I found a great location on the lake called “Llynnau Mymbyr”. You get stunning views from this lake with calm water and beautiful flowers all around and mountains in the backdrop.

Google maps link:

Llanddwyn Island HDR

North Wales September 3, 2013 Syed Zaidi
Sep 2013

Llanddwyn Island Sunset HDR

After about four months I went to Llanddwyn Island once again because the weather was great today with partly cloudy sky exactly the way I like it for my photos. I went to these old ruins and got some HDR shots around sunset time.

This shot is a combination of HDR and multiple exposures for focus.

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